ligating1Self-Ligating Brackets (Ceramic or Metal) - Self-ligating brackets are the state-of-art bracket system in orthodontics that are now available in both "Metal" and "Ceramic/Clear". Traditionally, with standard metal/ceramic brackets you would have to be seen by your orthodontist for regular adjustments to get your braces tighten. The "Self-Ligating" braces are self-adjusting and allow your crowded teeth to become straighten in shorter time compared to traditional standard braces. That means even when you are at home and not see by your orthodontist the wire stays engaged and self-adjusts in order to keep the tooth moving with gentle constant pressure. They are gentler on the tooth by producing less pressure on the tooth and easier to keep clean. Another advantage of the "Self-Ligating" brackets over the traditional is the fact that your regular orthodontic visits (traditionally 4-6 weeks apart) can be pushed further out (to every 8-12 weeks apart) leading to taking less time away from work and school.