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Ask Dr. Rashidi

What is the typical cost of braces?
Pricing for braces ranges based on the type of braces used, the treatment time and the level of the complexity. Here at Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics we offer different types of treatments and payment plan options to help meet almost every budget. The real cost of braces is the time invested to achieve an ideal smile. Braces are not that costly when compared to other treatments, such as veneers and implants.

What are the different types of braces?

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear/Ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating metal braces (Experience)
  • Self-ligating ceramic braces (Experience Clear)
  • Lingual braces (Harmony®)

What are the common types of braces?
Metal braces are the most common types.

Does it cost less if my orthodontic treatment time is short?
In most circumstances shorter treatment times cost less than longer treatment durations.

What is the cost for invisible braces?
For “invisible” braces there are different options. In order of most expensive to less expensive “invisible” braces is as follows: Harmony® (lingual braces), Invisalign® (clear removable aligners) and ceramic/clear brackets. The most esthetic or invisible of the above choices is Harmony® but it also more costly compared to Invisalign® or clear brackets.

How much is the cost for Invisalign?
The cost for Invisalign® varies depending on the length of treatment and complexity of the case. It is similar to the fee of orthodontic treatment with clear/ceramic braces.

What does insurance pay in typical orthodontic coverage?
Please call our office at 949-770-8011 and we will be more than happy to call your insurance company for your benefits and find out exactly what your current plan covers. Orthodontic coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company.

Do clear braces cost more than metal braces?
Yes, clear braces always cost more than standard metal braces.

Is the cost of bracesmore the longer you have them?
Yes, typically this is the case.

Does Invisalign® cost more than metal braces?
Yes, typically Invisalign® does cost more than traditional metal braces.

Does orthodontic treatment cost more for children or adults?
It costs the same for children and adults. However, adults usually want the esthetic treatment which is more expensive.

What types of braces do adults usually prefer?
Adults usually like the esthetic invisible braces, such as Invisalign®, or Lingual (behind the teeth) braces.

Is lingual braces more costly than standard braces?
Yes, lingual braces cost more than other type of braces. The reason lingual braces are more expensive is because it is placed behind the teeth which makes the process of the treatment more challenging and complex than standard braces.

Do braces hurt?
After an initial adjustment is done a patient’s teeth may become sore for about two days. You might experience discomfort when eating. However, with modern orthodontics, much smaller forces are used so you will experience much less discomfort throughout your treatment. With all the different treatment options discussed for patients with sensitive mouth, Invisalign® is the most comfortable option.

Do invisible braces cost less for shorter treatment times?
Yes, this is usually the case.

What are the major differences between ceramic vs. metal braces?
From a results standpoint, ceramic and metal braces are almost the same. The primary advantage of ceramic braces is that they are less visible.

What is so special about ceramic braces?
Ceramic braces provide a more esthetic option to traditional metal braces because they are similar to the color of the teeth.

How much does ceramic braces cost?
It depends on the time and complexity of the case.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic braces?
The advantage of ceramic braces is that they are less visible, therefore more esthetic. There are really no cons other than they are more visible compared to Invisalign® and lingual braces

Do ceramic braces stain?
No, they do not stain if they are taken care of appropriately

Please tell me what are the most popular types of braces for adults?
The esthetic invisible or hidden braces such as Invisalign®, Harmony® (lingual braces).

Do you have to use different types of braces for teeth that are really crooked?
During the initial consultation, the doctor will recommend the different types of braces depending on the complexity of the case.

What are the most common different types of dental braces?
Metal (silver) are the most common type of braces, but ceramic (white) are the more popular type of braces

Do lingual braces really work?
Yes, they do

Do lingual braces cost more than standard braces?
Yes, because of the complexity and the expertise required to work behind the teeth, the fee for lingual braces is more.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of lingual braces?
Pro: Lingual braces are totally invisible and the treatment time is the same as traditional braces.
Cons: When you first place the lingual braces it is common for speech to be affected for the first two weeks. Also, lingual braces can aggravate the tongue at the beginning of the treatment, but once you get used to them it’ll never happen again. Lingual braces also require longer appointment times.

Do lingual braces hurt more?
It may take a little longer to get comfortable with them compared to standard braces, but it doesn’t hurt any more than traditional braces. However, since it is close to your tongue it does take a little longer to get used to.

How about the price, is the lingual braces more expensive than clear braces?
Yes, lingual braces have a higher fee than clear braces.

How much do lingual braces cost?
Working with lingual braces requires a completely different method to treatment. The brackets are out of gold and they are custom made to each tooth. With an accuracy of computer automated production equipment the wires are custom bent. This technology results in a more expensive treatment option because it involves the additional experience and education and time of the orthodontist. That’s why the appointments are typically 20 minutes longer than standard braces.

How do I carefully remove food stuck in my braces?
The most effective way to remove the food is first to floss, and then use an interproximal brush and a toothbrush. Once your braces are placed, the team at Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics will provide specific instructions to you on how to take care of your braces. And of course, throughout your treatment we will always be here to answer any questions you may have.

Is jaw surgery typical with orthodontics?
No, it is especially rare with early treatment, called Phase One. Plus, there are many new technological advances in field of orthodontics, which allows for successful treatment of cases that were previously only able to be treated in conjunction with jaw surgery.

What is the cost for getting braces?
Depending on the type of braces used and the treatment time required, the cost varies. The fees include everything required to get a beautiful smile and to keep it.

How often do I have to go for my dental cleaning during my orthodontic treatment?
Please do not forget to maintain your good oral hygiene. Visit your dentist every 3-4 months for regular check-ups and cleanings, while in orthodontic treatment.

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