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How Long Does It Take to Get the Perfect Smile?

The whole world seems to be looking at the idea of getting the perfect smile with braces. That’s because they’ve become so affordable and easy to wear. You don’t necessarily need metal and wires in your mouth for two years. The newest clear aligners advertise that you can see good results in just 4-6 months. Though this sounds like a great deal, it does often take time to move your teeth into the perfect position. It’s best not to rush this process. After all, having a perfect smile for the rest of your life might be worth taking a little extra time.

Dental braces were created to align and straighten your teeth. They can fix problems like underbites, crooked teeth, spaces, overbites and malocclusions. There is actually almost no problem that braces can’t fix. Of course, you’ll need to work with a professional orthodontist with the skills and experience to diagnose your biggest issues and develop the right plan to address those.

The problem with DIY orthodontics is that you don’t get the personalized care and treatment plan that lots of people truly do need. It’s like a one size fits all type of orthodontics and that doesn’t always work for every person. One good thing is that this process does take time. You can pay for the treatment over the course of one or two years while working with the orthodontist. Below are a few methods of paying for braces that can be convenient.

  • Monthly payments with no money down
  • Dental insurance
  • Credit cards like CareCredit especially made for medical procedures
  • Pre-tax dollars from your HSA

Facts about Clear Aligners

You’ve probably read and heard quite a bit about clear aligners. They have risen to popularity because they are easy to wear and have a very pleasing appearance. You hardly notice when someone is wearing these clear plastic retainers. In many cases, they move teeth at a faster rate. Of course, every individual is different and some people will take longer to see good results. Remember that it’s important to follow the treatment plan. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted and it will be totally worth it.

In some cases, the patient will see best results with traditional metal braces. There are certain types of issues that just can’t be fixed with clear aligners. Your orthodontist will recommend the best methods to give you a beautiful smile.

As far as the cost goes, metal braces are usually the least expensive. Clear aligners are a few thousand dollars more. Ceramic braces are often the most expensive. They provide excellent results but are much more comfortable to wear and they aren’t noticeable. The fixed ceramic brackets are bonded to teeth. These tooth-colored braces are connected with an archwire. Small elastic bands hold the wires in place.

Whatever you choose, be patient, follow the treatment plan and envision the perfect smile that will be all yours at the end of the journey.

You're All Awesome!!

"We love all the staff at Dr. Rashidi's office. They are all so friendly and nice to us every time we come in. Thank you for all you do!!!"

- Chelsea R.

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